Welcome to the Bridging the Gap Wiki!

As librarians from schools, colleges, and the public library we intend to share plans that can be implemented in the school setting that will help to make the transition from high school to college and life beyond. We have identified four areas that may lend themselves to units or lessons on which we can collaborate with our teachers.

The areas that have been identified are listed in the left side bar. Feel free to post lesson plans and comments as you develop them or react to others postings.Documents should be in MS Word format.


For the purposes of our next meeting, I thought I would throw this interesting blog post here from Cool Cat teacher talking about some "flat classroom" projects via U of Michigan and the K-12 community in the area. Maybe we can piggyback on some ideas here (especially the Place Out of Timesubmission)

There is also something someone tweeted today about using Twitter for a mock history lesson using tweets.